About me

A woman with two deep passions: painting and travelling.
Paola Angoletta was born in Belluno, but studied in Bologna where she took a degree in Law and later graduated in History at the University of Milan.
With the years she developed a strong passion for drawing and painting and she moved to Paris in 1993 where she attended the IPEDEC (Istitut de Peinture Decorative Superior de Paris) and approached the principles and skills of decoration and tromp l’oeil and various paintings techniques of faux bois and faux marbre, that she later flavoured with her Italian taste with a prevalence of water- based and calce paintings.
She works both in Italy and abroad, in Paris and in London,and personally takes care of the various steps of her work, sketching, projecting and realizing interiors and decorations all by herself; she has also collaborated with decorer Idarica Gazzoni Frascara, with Angelica Frescobaldi’s studio and in Veneto with interior designer Alberto Possiedi.
In Belluno there is the old family country-house where she rests after her long journeys. Paola is indeed a citizen of the world and takes inspiration for her decorative projects from cultures and traditions of many different countries, above all India, place of her elction, and the Oriental charm and flavour of Japanese art. It’s an untiring search for ornamental and aesthetic motifs which she then interprets, combines and adapts to various houses belonging to different styles and periods.
Yet she strongly holds on the Ventian tradition,too, with its ancient decorative styles, still the same over the centuries such as marmorino, faux marble, old Venetian fabrics that are always a great source of inspiration and the shades of Venetian colours combined with excellent harmony.
She uses above all calce and pigments for her patinas, realized with a peculiar technique of superimposing of coats of paints in different colours. Calce is an ancient and difficult material that Paola manages skillfully with vibrant and lively colours leading to an amazing final result: a wall changing under various lights and perspectives. The “velluto effect” is suitable both to historical villas, where she often happens to work, and more modern environments.

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